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My paintings are life itself; the ghosts, the memories, always in motion, often just remaining still, then, leaping out, scalding, sweeping around, then, hidden, undercover until.

Quite simply, my work is a pouring out of the rawness of it all.

Life, destruction, repair, loving, anger. Living in bits and pieces.

Scraps of memory, stitched back together.

As a painter, I was never content with one form of 'technique';

I hungered for a stronger manner of expression, I was never ' at home' with, say, just using paint, oil, watercolor, or just pencil, or charcoal. I didn’t need nor did I wish to repeat what was done before. Mixed-Media was always lying dormant in my bones, ready to emerge, alive on my canvases.

Attended The Art Students League of New York

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